Hello World, The Best Thing Ever to Happen to Road Safety and Driver Education Has Just Gone Public!

This project was commenced in August 2016, 20 years after I first conceived it! I had intended to just quietly work away at it until it was ready to demonstrate, but a NSW Parliament Inquiry has  been the catalyst to go public. So a patent was lodged, the website populated and a submission put to the Joint Parliamentary Committee. Now all that is done, which took about a month out of making decent progress (not to say nothing’s happened, because it has), I can get back to building the thing! In the mean time I would encourage you to have a good look around and at least sign up for regular updates to this blog (maybe monthly, we’ll see how we go there…). Of course, if you want to participate in the forums with feedback, suggestions or just general natterings (and meet the lovely Kellie), you are more than welcome to do so. Thank you for your interest, and please do join in for what is going to be a brilliant journey to make the world a safer place. I’m excited, and hopefully you are too….!