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    Vince Sunter

    I have been a member of the Windows Insider fast ring for some time now and it is pretty good. Latest updates and niggling issues fixed, and every now and then a whoopsie gets out. What this has done is given me a lot more respect for what Microsoft has to do and the complexities of their world. Whilst we users might not agree with every little thing they choose to do, I have become really aware of how many totally decent people there are in the place. And now they actually listen to feedback!

    One initiative the guys ‘n gals at Microsoft have taken is to create Winsiders4Good, aiming to use technology to solve some of the planet’s more intractable problems. Just after I actually bought the wreck for the simulator project I discovered them and put a blog entry up here to see if this concept could be taken a step further. I was suggesting to set up a “4Good” tech centre where altruistic experts would share knowledge to those with projects aiming to do good in a big way, which is the whole point of Winsiders4Good.

    Nothing actually happened as I think the right people didn’t read my rambling post. The second post I put up below is more to the point, but still drew no response. Conceptually, for minimum effort, the concept could be a great incubator for this and many other endeavours. So I am just logging it here as a reminder for myself to find another way to get traction on this, and an opportunity for anyone else that agrees with the idea to have a go themselves at getting it to happen in the interim? You know you want to!

    Note the website linked above at Winsiders4Good didn’t exist when I put my original post up as they were just doing an occasional newsletter item, so probably this is the changed approach needed – ie pick the eyes out of my earlier info and re-pitch it. To be continued some sunny day, hopefully soon…

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